WAREMA external Venetian blinds

WAREMA Venetian blinds combine perfect sun protection from outside with modern design. Similar to the sun blinds used within the house these are more robust and hard-wearing. WAREMA Venetian blinds are rust-free and can put up with the severest weather. The bright slats, adjustable from within to any angle, provide just the right lighting conditions any time of the day.

A further advantage is the privacy provided – Venetian blinds protect one from the prying eyes from outside while allowing perfect view from inside.
A wide colour range of the slats and guide rails mean that WAREMA blinds are simultaneously an inspiration for creative facade design. The blinds can be matched to the facade as required and create an optical accent.



Venetian blinds with beaded slats
Obscuring Venetian blinds
Venetian blinds with cable guidance
Flat slat Venetian blinds with guide rails
External Venetian blinds with beaded slats are the most common external Venetian blinds. They combine excellent advantages with robust technology. This type of Venetian blind is also used as an optical feature in the facade design. The special Z-shape design of the slats makes these obscuring external Venetian blinds particularly suitable for blacking out rooms. The slat geometry enable a very tight slat closure to be achieved and the UV resistant plastic sealing strips in the front edge of the slats closes even the smallest gap, preventing light intrusion. All the other, more usual, functions of our external blinds remain unimpaired with these obscuring Venetian blinds. External venetian blinds with cable guidance charm the viewer with their delicate design and small stack height. This type of blind is available in slat widths of 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm. External Venetian blinds with flat slats and guide rails combine small stack heights thus offering the possibility of using the external Venetian blinds as a design feature of the facade. Only every third slat is provided with a guide nipple on both sides in order to limit the stack height. This type of blind is available in slat widths of 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm.

Asymmetrical Venetian blinds
Venetian blind 50
Double section
Front-mounted Venetian blinds
WAREMA asymmetrical Venetian blinds are applicable to most asymmetrical windows and it is hard to imagine modern architecture without them.WAREMA asymmetrical blinds optically match all our other external blinds to create a coordinated visual appearance. Our external Venetian blinds with 50 mm slat width and cable guidance are particularly recommended for buildings with smaller window dimensions. Their most favourable features are the small pack height as well as the wide range of drive types. This Venetian blind is designed for external applications and is cleverly split into two sections which can be separately adjusted. This blind can also be used in double facades or for sash windows. WAREMA front-mounted external Venetian blinds combine ease of function together with modern technology and design with the appearance of front mounted Venetian blinds. Particularly in the living area they offer sun protection without allowing insight into the room.  Use either the electromotor or the tried and trusted WAREMA control system to determine exactly how much light you require.  Pure comfort!