Protecting Roof Collection

Aluminium and glass compositions with a wide range of possible variations

The appearance of our porches stands out through their apparent lightness and modern design. An extremely wide variety using the same components as wall socket, cantilever arm and gutter. Alternative console structures under the roof section as well as to the side or even posts are possible. Design your own individual doorway.

General description of all porch types:
  • Light optical appearance and modern design
  • Wide range of types
  • Glass roof section of 10 mm (VSG)
  • Variable angle of porch to outside wall due to rounded pivoting for glass socket
  • Two different gutter types
    An LED light rail can also be fitted to roof section as option
  • Simple installation provided by wall socket profile
Technical description of all porch types
  • Aluminium construction of AIMgSIO, 5F22
  • Glass 10 mm VSG clear, special glass on application
  • Drainage both sides using aluminium guttering
  • Large rain gutter or smaller drop furrow depending on model
  • Standard matt RAL colours 9016 and 9007
  • RAL colours available
  • Connections and wall socket
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