Five generations – one company
Gründervater Ludwig-Ulrich Neuffer

On 13th January 2007 the company celebrated its 135th year since its establishment.
In 1872 Ludwig Ulrich Neuffer set himself up as an independent manufacturer. Only 25 years old, he bought the 500-year-old company of Christian Schramm of Stuttgart, a glazing business.

The company subsequently provided windows for the City Hall, for the Königsbau (a prestigious building in Stuttgart), for the old castle, the Academy of Fine Arts and for the court´s servants building. Among the first contracts were works for the Württemberg Bank, the Royal Württemberg Railway Company, the city´s Office of Public Works and the Board of Works for the royal household; indeed Ludwig-Ulrich Neuffer was appointed Court Glazier on 24th February 1887.

In 1903 Oskar Neuffer joined the company after completing a long period of apprenticeship as glazier.

Oskar Neuffer
Albert Neuffer sen.
Rosenstrasse 26-28

ILudwig Neuffer was able to purchase the buildings belonging to the Wimpf car factory and the Diffenbacher customer saw mill at Rosenstrasse 26-28, Stuttgart in 1905; the latter became both offices and home.

After successful completion of his commercial training, Albert Neuffer joined the company in 1906.

On 23rd January 1907 the owners of the Neuffer Window Company were appointed Royal Court Glaziers.

Ludwig Neuffer patented his famous Reform Window under number DR 171244. This ground-breaking invention received royal patent for its design which, for the first time, allowed the inner and outer windows to be opened and closed simultaneously. The Neuffer Double-Window dominated the market.


In 1913 Albert Neuffer followed this up with his Record System Neuffer double window which became extremely successful.
However, the biggest breakthrough came with the sliding window, System Neuffer, which was installed in hotels, banks, hospitals and schools. The omission of the inner window led to the production of the box construction system.

Ernennung zum königlichen Hofglaser
Patent für Doppelfenster
Albert Neuffer jun.
Nachkriegsprovisorium Produktion 1945-54
Neuer Firmensitz in Stuttgart Wangen

From 1934 onwards the company was involved in a large number of building projects both in the domestic market but also abroad. In 1943/44 the company produced standard windows for residential and commercial properties as well as the so-called war-window, with specifications from the war ministry. After the Second World War the company provided windows for such enterprises as Schwäbisch Hall regional hospital, Stuttgart´s Graf Zeppelin Hotel, the Königshof in Munich, Gerling company buildings in Cologne and for BBC in Essen, Duisburg and Düsseldorf.

Rising demand for Neugffer windows meant that the production facilities, scattered due to the effects of the war, became too small and in 1954 the company was able to find more suitable premises in Stuttgart-Wangen with rail connection and near the port of Stuttgart and comprising some 6500 m². The foundation stone was laid in March 1955 and the company moved in the same year.

The company is still located at these premises and now operates as Neuffer Fenster + Türen GmbH.

The company´s reputation was enhanced through Albert Neuffer Senior, not only in Germany but also increasingly abroad. In 1966 Albert Junior took over management of the company. Apart from his successful management role he also held honorary offices in a number of professional organisations and was also vice president of the Württemberg Automobile Association.

At his side was his son, Jörg, who trained and gained experience at companies in Switzerland, Sweden, America and Finland. In 1963 Jörg Neuffer had the honour of being appointed to the executive committee of Young Glaziers.

By 1972 the company had grown to employ 150 employees and the company focus was increasingly project-orientated.

Jörg Neuffer
Heutige Firmenleitung: Michael und Philipp Neuffer


In 1995 his son, Michael, joined the company after graduation from the University of Cooperative Education in Stuttgart and internships at a variety of companies.
Since 2005 Michael´s brother, Philipp Neuffer, has been working in the company after his successful economics studies in London and Madrid.

Probably the largest, and certainly one of the most prestigious, contracts awarded to the company has been the manufacture, delivery and installation of wood-aluminium windows for the headquarters building of Daimler AG in Stuttgart.

Heutiger Firmensitz in Stuttgart - Wangen

Daimler AG, Stuttgart-Möhringen

Heutiger Firmensitz in Stuttgart - Wangen
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